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From corporate holiday parties, office lunches, commercial shoots, brand kickoffs, and album launches to family get-togethers and intimate dinner parties, The Kitchen Sink works with you to provide full-service catering or craft services at gourmet restaurant standards. We create custom menu items to compliment your event themes and goals. We specialize in all dietary goals: Paleo, Gluten-Free, Whole 30, Vegan - you name it, we know it. And we make it all delicious.

And don’t worry about staff, rentals or any other details – we’ll cover them too!

PR & Marketing Teams - let your imaginations run free! Have a hyper-specific product you need created for an event or as a tie-in to a product launch? Give us the details and we’ll create exactly what you’ve envisioned.

Holding an event in NYC but don’t have a team here? We’ll be your home away from home. By providing support staff and access to our local vendors & services - all tailored to your specific needs - we’ll help you recreate a piece of home here. Your clients & guests will think you flew in your entire kitchen!


Local & sustainable isn’t just a trend for us. Delicious food starts from the ground up. Food that’s grown closer to home just tastes better - and it’s better for you and the people who grow it.

There’s nothing like a summer peach plucked from the tree before dawn and in your granola bowl by breakfast. We’re lucky to be in New York City, surrounded by hundreds of miles of bountiful farmland, lakes & oceans.

We’re proud to support our neighbors while connecting you & your guests to the best of NY!


Tired of the family meal being a battleground? Frustrated with an office pantry that just results in a late afternoon sugar crash? Let us help with customized meals & provisions your family or colleagues will love.

The Kitchen Sink offers daily and weekly meal drop offs for your home or office, as well as weekly visits from one of our private chefs. The choice is yours. For the busy bachelor or bachelorette, we can stock your pantry with items to make mom proud and make it a breeze to grab a quick healthy snack.  Whatever your dietary needs, The Kitchen Sink makes gourmet dining at home or the office easy.



We offer a wide range of classes and events. Whatever your needs are, our custom-designed classes will address your specific goals and tastes, at your own pace.



Did you ever want to learn how to shop for the choicest cuts of meat, the best fish and the freshest produce? Feel overwhelmed by the beautiful bounty at your local farmer’s market?



Maybe you’re interested in putting a new twist on the weekly game-day feast or your child’s birthday party? Why not mix in a fun & informative lesson?! Pick up new skills & techniques while bonding over meal prep with friends & family.



This year, would you like to perfect your grilling technique in time for the summer barbecue season? Welcoming a new baby into your home & want to create tasty & healthy puree recipes?



Are you looking to impress that special someone with a gourmet dinner? We're full of ideas and here to work with you!




Whether you need help with your home kitchen design, staffing & stocking the office kitchen, custom edible gifts, promotional items, seasonal menu concepts or training for your staff, we’ve got you covered.

Have a food concept but not sure how to bring it to fruition? Our experienced staff can provide R & D, coupled with rigorous testing to make your dream food item a reality.

Writing a cookbook but don’t have the time or space to test the recipes? We do that too, and we’ll research where to source ingredients, create glossaries or anything else your unique cookbook requires.



Remember when you used to eat at all hours of the day and never gain a pound? Did your annual physical end in a list of foods to avoid & foods you need to add to your diet? Looking for realistic ways to incorporate the latest nutrition trends into your daily meals? Want to make long-lasting lifestyle changes centered around your diet? We’ve been there, and we can help.

We can translate your new dietary directive into something feasible; how exactly do you “eat 4 – 6 servings of fruits and veggies a day?” What do a cup of grains and 4 ounces of fish really look like?? By analyzing what and where you eat while identifying your flavor profile, we will turn your new dietary goals into real-world menus, dishes and meal plans.


BERTHSY AYIDE   Chef & Owner of The Kitchen Sink

Chef & Owner of The Kitchen Sink

Communicating through food is a way of life for Berthsy Ayide, the polyglot chef and owner of The Kitchen Sink.

Raised in a half-Nigerian/half-Northern Italian household in the heavily Dominican Inwood section of Manhattan, she grew up cooking everything but…The Kitchen Sink. In any given week, Berthsy would prepare Jolloff Rice and Parmesan Risotto for her family, then Arroz con Pollo and Empanadas for her friends. After graduating in 2001 from Georgetown University with a B.S. in Japanese and a year spent abroad in Tokyo, she added a variety of East Asian dishes to her growing repertoire. In 2003 Berthsy graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan, marrying her prodigious natural talent and know-how to classic French technique. The result is a chef who both intuitively and intellectually understands the importance of food through a multitude of cultural lenses and perspectives.

After a stint spent cooking for the rich and beautiful as the in-house catering chef at Hell’s Kitchen’s Splashlight Studios, Berthsy accepted the opportunity to work as a corporate dining chef in Rockefeller Center. Always in pursuit of a deeper knowledge and understanding of the ways in which food impacts our lives, she simultaneously completed a master’s degree at NYU’s prestigious Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health.

While working in Rockefeller Center, Berthsy repeatedly overheard her discerning clients complain that they could not get quality, locally sourced, made-to-order food for their families delivered to their homes on a regular basis. After building a solid client list of corporate leaders and discerning NY families, Berthsy filled that void within the industry, literally changing the way her clients eat and see food. The result was The Kitchen Sink, your one-stop, all-purpose culinary solution. Ten years later, The Kitchen Sink has evolved into a full-service catering and consulting firm where many of our wonderful clients have been with us since Day One.